Services Offered

Coleman Chiropractic Clinic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services.

Below is a short list of the many services we offer:

  • Chiropractic adjustments and complimentary therapy
  • On premises X-Ray facility
  • SEMG (Surface EMG and Therman Scan)
  • Rehab Services- strengthen muscles and improve range of motion 
  • Foot Detox- pulls toxins from the body
  • Custom Orthotics- scan your feet and and have orthotics that will specifically correct and support YOUR feet
  • Health Classes- Dr. Coleman will explain treatments, why you're having pain, and ways to improve your results from chiropractic care 
  • Doctor Designed Cervical Pillows- recommended for a variety of neck and shoulder ailments to improve comfort and promote healing.
  • Biotics Supplements- all natural alternatives to harmful medications
  • Xango- made from the mangosteen fruit, has a variety of health benefits, look here for more information 
  • Juice Plus supplements- nutrients from 17 different fruits, grains and vegetables in capsule form. Look here for information.
  • Biofreeze & cryoderm- cooling pain management gels for arthritis, sprains, muscle aches, etc.
  • Hi-lo hydraulic table